People invest a lot of money to build their dream gardens so it’s important to find the right one for you. Here are our top five questions to ask when choosing a landscape designer:

1. Do they handle the DESIGN and CONSTRUCTION?
Ideally, you want to work with the same company for both stages, one who has expertise in both design and construction so that the vision for your garden is properly realised. Not only does this ensure efficiency and familiarity with suppliers, it’s also less stressful on you!

2. Are they accredited?
Ensure the company you contract is a Registered Builder. This ensures all local and national standards and codes are met, therefore guaranteeing the highest quality of workmanship, with the bonus of having the backing of the Building Association should anything go wrong.

3. Are they a good fit?
Book an Initial Consult with a designer (these are often free) to see if you feel comfortable working with them. Do they understand your vision? Are their ideas aligned with your needs and wants? Have they worked on similar jobs and can they show examples of their work? Can they work to the limitations/constraints of your space? If you answer ‘yes’ to these, then you’re onto a good thing!

4. Are they across all compliance regulations?
There are often compliance issues that arise such as the need for permits, overlays and easements so it’s vital your designer has a thorough understanding of these as they can severely impact the design and construction of your garden.

5. Can they work to your budget?
Budget is always a stressful topic so ensure your designer is clear on what your budget is upfront and can work within it.