Another Whyte Gardens design & construction project

Nestled on the edge of Daylesford Lake stands this exquisite home designed by Robin Larsen. Its prominent position overlooking the lake provides stunning panoramic views of all the beauty that surrounds it and also ensures this home catches the eye of everyone walking around the lake.

It was therefore vital for the owners of this superb property to have a garden that was in total harmony with the architecture of the home.

At Whyte Gardens we were thrilled to be invited by the owner to collaborate with them on designing and building such a garden for them.

We created a sweeping path of Castlemaine Stone bordered by solid steel walls that were designed to rust quickly and evenly to complement the rustic nature of the stone.

The path leads to an outdoor BBQ area that is both open to the views and sheltered by a privacy wall with its own peekaboo window.

Carefully chosen and specially placed lights ensured this wheelchair designed path would be beautifully lit for both safety and aesthetic reasons.

Our construction team based themselves in Daylesford for many weeks to ensure a prompt and professional installation of the landscaping works. As Autumn descended on the site, the project was completed in days reaching just a few degrees, which brought their own challenges. 

Nevertheless the project was finished to the complete satisfaction of the owner. It’s hard to tell who is more proud of this project – us or them!

When viewed from across Daylesford lake this home is magnificent in stature yet blends elegantly into the background.

As the years pass and the plants in the garden mature, this home will be a delight for all seasons.