A Bellemore Homes designed residence with a difference

Over the years we have created and built many bespoke designs for our clients. It’s what we do with every job.

However even we were surprised by our clients’ request to design a polished concrete and timber shelf area for approximately 100 cacti. It was definitely a first for us!

We added a small sailcloth to protect the cacti by keeping the frosts away, and screened the shed with the same timber to mask its location.

A complementary screen behind the polished concrete BBQ area and seat adds warmth to the concrete. The long bench was designed to allow space saving for the grass area so children had plenty of room.

The client wanted a front garden that would maintain its good looks for as long as possible.

So for both the driveway and path, we used Endicott modular paving sourced from Eco Outdoors as it is a very dense material and extremely difficult to stain. 

The front path was designed to meander from the gate to the front door creating a small journey every time the owners came home.

A blade front fence gave a sense of privacy for the homeowner while still allowing passersby to enjoy tantalising glimpses of the garden.