Melbourne’s’ new trend is unprecedented!!!

​Recent McCrae project

“It gives you a good feeling. Each year, you rediscover in a garden the magic of life. A flower arrives, and it is a miracle. The leaves fall in the autumn, and it looks fantastic. There is a tenderness about a garden, and you can’t help but be sensitive to that.” – Hubert de Givenchy.

The new norm, it is a phrase we have become accustomed to.

What has become evident however, is the desire of Melburnians to create a garden they truly love!

​I have never in the decades of running my business, seen the thirst of the general public towards the desire to landscape their garden.

​In the past week I have received 22 enquiries from those looking to enhance their garden and enjoy a better way of living. At any other year I might have at most received 2 calls! This New-trend, began a few months ago. December 2019 I received 7 enquiries, and December 2020 it was 27 enquiries. December traditionally winds down and in some years it was close to February before people began to contact me again.

​My holiday has had to be cut short, just so I can keep up with replies to those wishing to engage our services. The reasons for this trend to have occured is subjective but related to COVID, however, the fact remains that this new Melbourne trend is sweeping through and what people value in their life is a space to connect with others in an aesthetic surrounding that is functional.

​So how does this perhaps relate to you?

​Should you be interested in landscaping your garden, you will find, as has already been mentioned to me, that the trades are extremely busy and the phrase, “sorry I couldn’t look at doing the work until much later in the year” is becoming common place. So, if you do wish to enhance the garden, I suggest some planning needs focused upon to ensure you have the work carried out by professional companies in the timeframe you would like.

​It seems, there has never been such a time as now, as evidenced by the numbers, to place attention on your garden and do a little dreaming. How would having your ideal garden, make a difference in your life? If all you do is join my Facebook group and receive a little inspiration, it may give rise to ideas to make your garden one to be admired.

​I wish you a year filled with joy, creativity, and wondrous new experiences.

​From all at Whyte gardens, we await your call and hope to assist you in making your dreams come true this year!

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