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About Me: Andrew Whyte

I never ate a vegetable until I was 24 (apart from potatoes)! Now I live on 5 acres on the Mornington Peninsula, happily growing enough veggies and herbs for the entire community!  Oh, the irony …

Let me give you some insight into how I ended up where I am. At best it will help you understand how I work and what I value… at worst it should give you a laugh!

I’ve always been a bit of a pioneer. I never intentionally set out to be that, but I’ve always been someone who gets on with it first, gets the job done. BUT I don’t necessarily get it done beautifully. Which is curious then, that I’ve ended up in an industry which is all about making things beautiful!

The truth is, I’m led by my passion and creativity and adventurous spirit. I want to see the end result. Thankfully, as my experience has grown (30 years of it by now!) I’ve learnt to finesse that pioneer spirit and ensure the bull at the gate is tamed …just a little…

Arriving in Australia from Scotland at age 24, I had no clue what I wanted to be when I grew up. As a teenager, I’d always wanted to be a draftsman; I loved to draw and design things. Unfortunately, that idea was quickly whipped out of me as I was told I wasn’t ‘smart enough’, so instead I worked as a Turner in a factory. Next, I found myself in aerospace engineering working on Rolls Royce aircraft engines. I then dabbled in the heady world of multi-level marketing businesses selling nutritional supplements, amongst other things!

I ended up falling into landscape design, learning as I went.  I am a keen observer but also learn very much by doing, so I asked the right questions and got in there and gave it a go. One of my early mentors cleverly told me: “You don’t have to know everything; you just have to know where to find the knowledge.”  I’ve let this philosophy guide me as I’ve built my expertise and also learnt to hire people who are much better than me! I’ve also realised I now know ‘enough’ to share that learning with others who are keen to know the right questions to ask.

Once immersed in the garden business, it didn’t take me long to realise that my love for the great outdoors had been there all along. Unsurprisingly, my fondest childhood memories are of long days spent wandering through fields and forests, collecting birds’ eggs, and fishing down at the local river.  Having lived in an apartment without a garden, the wide-open spaces became my own private sanctuary. I also recall making the most of that apartment space to bring the outside in; I nurtured a tomato plant given to me from school, even though I hated tomatoes with a passion so that it would bear fruit for my Mum.

Gardening is in my blood. I’ve just come full circle to what I now see has always been my purpose – to show others how the connection to nature can heighten connection to self and others. My Grandpa was an avid gardener whose glasshouses were decorated with trailing grapevines and bursting with beans.  He created a little shop window out the front of their house to sell excess produce to the community; everyone loved Bertie and his veggies. I didn’t often help much, but I observed the satisfaction and a sense of purpose Grandpa received when tending to his garden every day. I also loved watching my Mum and Grandma shell peas at the kitchen table in preparation for dinner, even though I knew I would never taste those green delights.

I know now that I want more people to experience the pleasures of the great outdoors both as a place of respite but also of nurturing, connection and entertainment. I understand that the aesthetics of nature deliver human beings a sense of freedom and calm. And I genuinely believe that there is more joy to be had outside than inside. It is a hectic world for most of us, and the need for a sanctuary is vital to our sense of wellbeing. That sanctuary is your garden.

Some final tidbits about me:

  • I SERIOUSLY never ate a vegetable until I was 24 years old, but now my favourite veggie is green beans
  • I’m a passionate kayak fisherman
  • I have a Ragdoll cat called Brinkley
  • I worked on Rolls Royce aircraft engines but drive a …Ford
  • I am saddened by suburban blocks being sliced down to boxes with no space to live outdoors
  • My favourite plants are perennials
  • My driving force is to educate people on the importance of a garden for their wellbeing
  • My wife Suzie is my rock and guide in life and, along with my two kids Sophie and Archie, are my greatest source of inspiration to strive to be the best person I can be.

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In many of the projects we build there are any number of specialist contractors we may use, from pool builders and carpenters, to steel fencers and plumbers, or perhaps an electrician, concreter or other contractor that is the best one suited to the activity.

We coordinate all of it for a quality result you will admire.

“We believe in working with you and your ideas to create an outdoor space that reflects your personality. Our gardens bring a sense of order and calm that is both functional and aesthetic.”

Andrew Whyte
Director, Whyte Gardens


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