About Whyte Gardens

Over 20 years’ experience, Andrew Whyte and his team are amongst the best in Melbourne.

Life should be lived outdoors!

My passion is to help people create and to live a rich and meaningful life in their external home environment.

I am saddened by the suburban blocks being sliced down to boxes with no space to live outdoors. I honestly believe that the outdoors provides more peace of mind that indoors. Larger amounts of space, especially imbued with beauty, are a sanctuary for the soul. And so, I want future societies to recapture the love of gardens and embrace the uplifting state they offer.

Many years ago, I did a workshop with a friend about finding your ‘life purpose’. In this I discovered mine and simply put it is:

“To guide others by illuminating the landscape for them so they
may discover the best path to their dreams.”

This covers so much of life. In a work sense, it means I help clients to discover which way they feel is best for them to attain the ideal garden.


Why I do what I do…

All of us have dreams that we would like to see realised. All of us have things preventing full clarity and awareness of how to achieve them. My passion is helping others overcome known and unknown barriers preventing them having what they desire.

Growing up with nature and a loving respect for it, I know the power mother natures touch has on us if we connect with her. I also know that a garden is more than just plants, it is the creation of a space for people to connect; with themselves, nature, others.

This is a hectic world for most of us and the need of a sanctuary is vital to a sense of well-being. That sanctuary is your garden.

When I emigrated from Scotland at 24, I had no idea how life would play out. I am fortunate in that; I discovered my life passion of helping others and a way to do so.

I belong to a community of people who aspire to a life shared with others, one of connection and intimacy.

My wife is my rock and guide in life and along with my two kids Sophie and Archie, they are my greatest source of inspiration to strive to be the best person I can be.

While on this planet, my driving force is to educate others on the importance of a garden in the well-being of a person’s’ life. The sanctuary I mentioned earlier is my focus, one I have spent almost 30 years literally with my hands in the soil, cultivating.

“My passion is about you; your dreams and hopes of a better way of living.”

A garden is a safe place where you can be yourself and have a sense of belonging and connect with others and to have that come about, the garden needs designed in a way that allows it to happen.

Gardens have many functions they can serve; a play area, an area to unwind & relax, a place to entertain, and of course a place to feel connected to life.

See me as your personal guide, one who illuminates the landscape and allows you to discover the best path to your hopes & dreams. I have assembled a team around me to help coordinate the accomplishment of those hopes and dreams.

Our passion, your vision

At Whyte Gardens, we are passionate about bringing your vision for the perfect garden to life. With over 20 years’ experience, Andrew Whyte and his team deliver a unique service in the industry. Our contemporary gardens are for those with discerning style, that appreciate aesthetic design.

A garden is for entertaining in, for playing in, and to relax in. Once completed, your garden should say a great deal about your style, it is a reflection of you. So the relationship between the designer and client is vital for success. We foster strong relationships so as to bring out the best outcome for your garden.

For your ease, we take care of every aspect from design, right through to construction, in-house. Gardens are a place to create memories in an aesthetic sanctuary.

 Peace of mind with Whyte Gardens

  • Registered Builder approved by the Building Practitioners Board in Victoria
  • Members of Landscaping Victoria
  • Member of AILDM (Australian Institute of Landscape Designers & Managers)
  • Warranty insurance to safeguard the entire process
  • 20+ years industry experience in landscape design & construction

Meet Andrew Whyte

Andrew Whyte

Andrew Whyte

Over 20 years in the industry

Meet our team

Lead Designer

A.A.S Horticulture
Cert. IV Design (Landscape)

Relationship Manager

Crew Leader

Landscape Designer

Bachelor of Design

Crew Member

Office Manager

Specialist Contractors

In many of the projects we build there are any number of specialist contractors we may use, from pool builders and carpenters, to steel fencers and plumbers, or perhaps an electrician, concreter or other contractor that is the best one suited to the activity.

We coordinate all of it for a quality result you will admire.

“We believe in working with you and your ideas to create an outdoor space that reflects your personality. Our gardens bring a sense of order and calm that is both functional and aesthetic.”

Andrew Whyte
Director, Whyte Gardens


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Creating Melbourne’s finest gardens

We design & construct landscape garden masterpieces throughout Melbourne’s eastern & south eastern suburbs, including Malvern, Armadale, Toorak, Caulfield, Hawthorn, Balwyn, Camberwell, South Yarra, Glen Iris, Prahran, Elsternwick, Kew, Elwood, Brighton and most of Melbourne’s CBD & surrounds, as well as the Mornington Peninsula.

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